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Yukon Caribou III Gym Review

The Yukon Caribou III Gym is one of the nicest complete gyms I’ve had the pleasure to have sold. When properly equipped with all options, any and almost all exercises can be performed by anyone from a beginner to a hardcore bodybuilder. Most gyms will do a few¬† exercises, especially for beginners. Not the case with this gym. It’s very easy to make any kind of program and add many other exercises to complete anyone’s program.

Let’s start of by describing the Yukon Caribou III Gym. It’s a combination gym, including a Smith machine and a power rack. The lat attachment is an option as well, contributing to at least 12 to 15 exercises on it’s own. It comes with a flat, incline and decline bench that also includes the leg curl, leg extension attachment. A preacher curl attachment can be attached to where the leg attachment is. It saves on buying a preacher curl bench at a higher cost.
A Smith machine is a gym that has the bar attached to 2 vertical bars that guide the horizontal bar on an even plane, up and down the 2 bars.
What makes the Yukon Caribou III Gym a great piece of equipment to work on is that you can isolate any presses with complete control. The horizontal bar will not sway back and forth, or one side will go up higher than the other. It is completely safe and will work out as well as working with a free bar, if used correctly. I’ve used one for years and would never go back to a free bar. There are safety spotters for any angle of bench presses, or shoulder press. You can also squat with confidence as you won’t bend forwards or backwards while squatting. You can do standing calf raises with the smith, as this is almost impossible with a free bar.
The bench is separate from the gym and can accommodate all kinds of dumbbell work. You can also do abs on the bench where the feet are locked under the lower part of the leg attachment and crunches are performed in isolation and control. A pec dec and cable crossovers are optional to add to a chest workout. The gym comes with high and low cable pulleys that vary back exercises as well as triceps. Different attachments will add more to the exercise roster. Attachments like chinning triangle, revolving curl bar, single handles and tricep rope will vary the angles muscles can be worked. You need a room at least 10′ wide to accommodate the width of the Smith horizontal bar, and to have room to add the plates to the bar. A dip station can be purchased to work either the triceps or lower pecs. The Smith bar glides along 2 bars using 2 oilite bushings. I highly recommend getting the linear bearing system that replaces the bushings. They are not inexpensive, but well worth the extra money as the bar will glide freely and perfectly, while being able to lock both sides of the horizontal bar at the same time without the bar swaying.
A selectorized 200 lb weight stack can be added for those that prefer to move a pin up and down as opposed to adding plates to the lat attachment. This will affect all exercises from the lat attachment, cable crossover and pec deck.
A chinning bar is placed between the two front uprights for wide grip chinning. For those that are not up on squatting, you can purchase a leg press attachment that connects to the low pulley row. It has wheels on one end to facilitate moving the press into place or to take it away.
For those who already have plates or are contemplating getting Olympic plates, adapters can be purchased for the lat and leg attachments.

Here are some exercises that can be done with the Caribou III Gym

Chest: Flat bench press
Incline bench press
Flat flyes w/dumbbells
Incline flyes w/dumbbells
Pec deck flyes
Cross bench pullover
Cable crossover

Back: Lat pulldown to the back
Lat pulldown to the chest
Rows w/low pulley
One arm dumbbell row
Dumbbell rows on incline bench
Bent over rows with Smith bar
Lat pulldown with chinning triangle

Legs: Squats w/Smith machine
Leg curls with leg attachment
Leg extension w/leg attachment
Leg press with leg press attachment
Calf raises with Smith machine and a block
Hack squat w/Smith machine

Presses behind the neck with Smith machine
Presses to the front w/Smith machine
Side laterals w/Low pulley row (Can also be done w/dumbbells)
Front laterals w/Low pulley row (Can also be done w/dumbbells)
Rear delt bent over rows W/Low pulley
Pull ups w/low pulley row
Shrugs w/ dumbbells

Curls w/EZ curl bar
Supinated curls w/ dumbbells
Preacher curls w/Preacher attachment on bench
Reverse grip chins with chinning bar (This also works the lats)
Concentration curls while seated on the bench.

Lying tricep extensions w/ EZ curl bar
Dips with plates on your lap. Feet are elevated and hands are on the bench next to you.
Tricep pressdowns with angled bar, rope, or single handle.
Tricep press behind the head. (Can also be done with 2 hands)
Tricep presses w/ Smith bar. (Push off of chest w/ both hands touching)

These are main exercises that can be done with the Yukon Caribou III Gym. You’ll be able to invent many more as I have in my years of bodybuilding. Make sure you use the safety spotters and take in the proper nutrition before and after your workout.
Always train safe and allow proper rest between sets, especially going heavy. All parts of this gym have life time warranties and will last a lifetime if used properly.

Purchase your Yukon Caribou III Gym at a great price!

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